I Felt Uncomfortable In My Own Skin And I Had To Do Something About It

I Felt Uncomfortable In My Own Skin And I Had To Do Something About It

Because a lot of people were drawn to me and I believe they expected a certain type of confidence and charismatic personality, I was put into these uncomfortable social situations time and time again.

Regardless of my past accomplishments or how poised and confident I may have appeared to the world, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. During the first couple of years after I retired from competitive bodybuilding, I spent part of my time being a coach/salesperson for a national personal development speaker at motivational seminars all over the United States.

I knew that I eventually wanted to get into motivational speaking and coaching after bodybuilding because personal development was my very first passion in my adult life and many years before I even started working out.

The 800 to 1,200 people who attended these seminars were attracted to my physical presence, the way I carried myself, and how the speaker promoted the fact that I was a six-time national champion bodybuilder and a health and fitness expert.

When it was time to invest in another one of the featured speaker’s advanced programs or have lunch with a member of the seminar coaching staff, the attendees eagerly lined up in droves at my table in the back of the room.

Their expectations of me as a leader and a dynamic personality were extremely high. Or, at least that’s what it felt like to me at the time. I felt the pressure and responsibility to never let them down.

All of those years of near seclusion had me ill-prepared for all of the direct interaction with real, live people. I didn’t even realize how uncomfortable I felt back then. Looking back, being uncomfortable was a normal feeling for me. I just didn’t realize it. It wasn’t until some five years or so later that I could even tell the difference between the two vastly different levels of comfort. I had to actually live those different experiences.

I had similar experiences in social gatherings with friends. During my 15 year competitive bodybuilding career, I rarely went out with friends. My contest preparation was extremely long and focused. I had a very specific eating regimen to prepare for my upcoming contest from the first Monday in January all the way up until the national championship in August. That’s 7 ½ months of very strict eating habits that I always executed with machine-like precision.

With this level of dedication, there wasn’t much room in my life for going out on the town and having what “normal” people considered fun. But I could really care less about what other people considered fun. Being a bodybuilder was my happily-chosen identity and my purpose in life.

Because a lot of people were drawn to me and I believe they expected a certain type of confidence and charismatic personality, I was put into these uncomfortable social situations time and time again. I had enough of feeling this way. I was driven to change.

It was time to make what I later called my MANformation. It was time to break past whatever was holding me back and start living the life I really wanted. I was determined to step up and become the man I really wanted to be. This was my personal battle to feel “normal” again—if I ever did feel normal even before my dedication to bodybuilding began.

The one thing you should know about me is that, when I want something badly or I want something to change in my life, I will do whatever to takes to get it or make it happen. I do an extremely good job of mastering the mindset and skills that are needed to get what I want once I decide I want it.

If I could master a lifestyle as physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging as a competitive bodybuilder, shouldn’t I be able to be great at anything I set my mind to doing?
That was the belief system I adopted and I passionately broke down all of the steps I needed to make my MANformation with the same focus and dedication that helped me master bodybuilding and training.

I knew exactly what I wanted:

I wanted to feel comfortable in any social situation. I wanted to become a “people magnet.” I wanted to become fearless when it came to approaching or talking with any man or woman. I wanted the ability to create instant rapport and connection with any man or woman. I wanted to be able to create, nurture, and sustain deep, connected relationships. I wanted to master the skills of influence and persuasion and get people to want to help me achieve my goals—instead of depending only on myself like I had done most of the time in the past. I would get others to want to help me by adding tremendous value to their lives. I wanted to carry myself with certainty and confidence—and have it come through loud and clear in my body language, voice qualities, facial expressions, and eye movements. I wanted to create the framework to every relationship (friendship, romantic, or business) that I was in to meet my established and clearly defined standards. I wanted to master my business skills. I wanted to lead my own life better—and I wanted to help lead other people more effectively too.

I wanted it all—and I wanted it all immediately. I wanted health, wealth, happiness, and connection. I was determined to rid myself of my adopted Spartan-like mindset and existence and take on the new, more empowering identity of “The Total Package.”

Discomfort in life can oftentimes be a blessing. As long as you have the courage to embrace it and the determination to overcome it.

This intense desire to change helped me master a whole new set of life skills that totally transformed the quality of my life. This intense desire to change is what inspired me to create my MANformation personal development program for men that has a helped so many men around the world. It later launched my very successful one-on-one coaching business where I teach men all over the world the mindset and specific action to create positive changes in their own lives.

Before I could successfully make my own MANformation, however, I had to get a better understanding of exactly why I thought the way I did and why I do the things that I had done most of my life.

That proved to be a real challenge.

You may be able convince yourself that you have a clear understanding of what’s stopping you in life. In reality, you oftentimes don’t even have a clue.

That was certainly true in my case.

I would very soon learn a lot more all about just how blind I was to my personal challenges that prevented me from getting to the next level my life.

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