MANformation Confidence and Leadership Mastermind Group Coaching

Skip La Cour Guides You Through One Year of Group Coaching (52 Weekly Live Sessions)

NOW is the time to take your confidence level, leadership skills, mind, body, and overall quality of life to a higher level with this life-changing MANformation Confidence and Leadership Mastermind Group Coaching Program.

  • manformation-mastermind-group-coaching-300x138Gain Supreme Confidence In Every Social Situation
  • Learn the Skills Of Charisma and Influence That Will Draw Other People To You Like A Magnet
  • Learn How Start To Living Life On YOUR Terms (and Not Always Everyone Else’s)
  • Start Leading and Stop Following. Learn and Execute Powerful Mindset and Action Strategies
  • Learn How to Lead, Manage, and Turn Up The Intensity of the Intimate Relationship You Are In (Or Learn What It Takes To Attract A New Love Into Your Life)
  • Learn How To Effectively Deal With Conflict and Confrontation In A Way That Both Parties Can Ultimately Win
  • Learn How To Effectively Block Out The Distracting Opinions of Other People and Attack Your Goals and Dreams With More Confidence
  • Set Ambitious Goals In Life and Passionately and Aggressively Go After Them
  • You will have the unique opportunity to take immediate, consistent action and do what it takes to become your very best you with Skip La Cour’s coaching and guidance EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
  • POWERFUL BONUS: You’ll Also Get One Private One-on-One Coaching Session With Skip La Cour To Address Your Specific Goals and Challenges

Take action now and make your decision quickly because there simply are not many participant spots available in this mastermind coaching group.

52 Straight Weeks of Coaching

One night a week for 52 straight weeks, Skip takes you through a structured personal development, MANformation program that will get you the RESULTS you really want in order to create an extraordinary quality of life. Success in every single area of life will be covered in this comprehensive program. Consistency and structure are very important and what makes this program extremely effective. The intimate teleconferenced sessions will be conducted at the exact same time every single week on the exact same day of the week.

If you are the kind of person who would even take the time to read what’s written here, the chances are great that you have what it takes to reach your goals. You probably already know that deep down inside of you. It’s just a matter of you really believing it in every fiber of your body and doing what you must on a consistent basis. Success at the level you want will come down to how much you FOCUS and TAKE ACTION much more than your talents and abilities.

If you aren’t where you want to be in your life and you already know that haven’t focused and taken consistent action, how can you complain about your situation? Now is the time to do something about it to change your current situation. Positive and productive things will start happening for you in life the very minute you start “showing up” fully present and focused on your clearly defined goals on a consistent basis.

POWERFUL BONUS: Once-A-Month Private One-on-One Coaching Time With Skip La Cour

In addition to the weekly group sessions, you’ll get one 30 to 45 minute private one-on-one coaching session. You’ll be able to address the challenges that you are currently facing and specific to you with Skip La Cour. The combination of this kind of personal attention along with the powerful group environment on a weekly basis make this program extremely effective at helping you create the positive change you want in your life.

Your coach Skip La Cour guides you and pushes you through this MANformation Mastermind Group Coaching program.

This yearlong training is extremely affordable. This program was designed specifically for the people around the world who have benefited from Skip’s written work, videos, podcasts, and supplement company.

This life-changing program was designed for you, a person who puts a very high value on your own personal development as a man.

This group coaching program is perfect for you if your challenge is that you don’t think you can afford Skip’s private and personal one-on-one coaching services.

This is what you’ll get from the consistent focus and attention of MANformation Mastermind Group Coaching program and much, much more:

  • Massively increase your work performance and career prospects. Earn more money by getting the job you really want or by getting promotions at the job you already have.
  • Start your own business and earning financial abundance doing what you love to do for a living.
  • Become the man who can attract the new love into your life or improve the love, connection, and intimacy in the relationship you are already in.
  • Build powerful personal and professional relationships.
  • Learn proven, easy-to-apply techniques that will draw people to you like a magnet—and have fun doing it.
  • Learn exactly what it takes to earn a healthy, lean, and powerful body with an extraordinary energy level by training eating, and thinking like an experienced drug-free bodybuilding champion.
  • Set clear goals and adopt winning strategies to achieve them.
  • Learn the skills you need to develop supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities. Take your “MANformation” to a higher level with consistent focus and attention.
  • Develop congruency in your mind and body and exude amazing charisma and presence that the rest of the world can’t help but take notice. Your body language will become that powerful.
  • Immediately start aligning all of your talents and abilities so they are used to the fullest and FINALLY start producing the RESULTS you really want.
  • Overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from success and happiness.
  • Eliminate emotional “baggage” from your past and create a compelling future.
  • Break self-defeating patterns and create new, empowering ones.
  • Attract mental, emotional, and financial wealth and abundance in your life.
  • Get a better understanding of your personal values and how they influence the direction of your life.

How This MANformation Mastermind Group Coaching Program Works

We ALL could use a great coach to get even better at what we are currently do. And, it really doesn’t matter what we’ve accomplished in the past or how “lucky” our family and friends tell us we are, does it?

You know there is ALWAYS a higher level to achieve. If anything, the consistent coaching and checking in just reminds of us who we REALLY are, forces us to think about what we REALLY want, and holds us accountable to our goals.

With Skip La Cour’s 25+ years of experience as a one-on-one peak performance specialist, you’ll get all of that and much, much more.

Direct and Deliberate Topics and Themes Presented Each Week That Will Piece Together Certainty, Confidence, and Unstoppable Momentum For You

Each week, Skip will conduct a LIVE 45-minute coaching session with a specific topic designed to get you to the next level. Each week, he’ll help you piece together your “dream life” and get you to do what it takes to become the man you need to be to make that dream life a REALITY. None of the sessions will ever be pre-recorded.

Each week’s lesson has the ability to create RESULTS all by itself. Each lesson can “stand on its own.” Stacked on top of each other week after week, these sessions will help you become that you man really want to be.

You’ll Be Among A Hand-Selected, Limited Number of Ambitious Men

It’s called the MANformation Mastermind Group Coaching program because the class size for this intense coaching program will be limited to a select few of the most ambitious students. You will be on the line LIVE with me and other men who are pushing themselves just as hard as you and even harder. That’s the environment of people you want and NEED to spend most of your time with in life to get the most out of yourself.

You will then have the opportunity to ask Skip a well-prepared question about their own specific challenges in life and get some personal one-on-one coaching.

Personal coaching time will be limited during the weekly group coaching sessions but, little by little each week, you will create some unstoppable, awesome momentum and chip away at achieving your goals. (If you are interested in much more personal attention, consider Skip’s Weekly One-one-One Coaching Program.)

How will just 8 minutes of personal attention from me every week change the direction of your life?


How many times have you got all hot and excited about making significant improvements in your life—but you eventually just stopped thinking about it let alone took action? It became just a distant memory of something you were going to do “someday”. The more references like these that you create in your life, the tougher it will be to ever follow through the way you must.

That’s not going to happen to you over this 52-week span of aggressive coaching. It’s simply not possible.

Make “someday” today by taking action and enrolling in this program.

The Group Coaching Program will  provide you with the weekly accountability you need to succeed. I’ll drive you and push you–because that’s what we ALL need to get the most out of our talents and abilities. You’ll also be given an assignment each week—and I EXPECT you to follow through.

Isn’t it amazing how we’ll do more to not disappoint the people we RESPECT but we don’t always work that hard for ourselves? Now, you can use this “odd” human characteristic that’s common in many of us to SERVE YOU by stepping up and putting yourself through this program.

Just think of how much your life will change for the better because you are FORCED to focus on what you really want.


Each session will be on the exact same day and begin at the exact same time every week for 52 straight weeks. You’re journey toward success and fulfillment doesn’t take breaks—and neither will the group coaching. 

If you are forced to miss a live session, and audio recording will always be amde available to you so that you never miss out.

You’ll Continue Learning From This Experience For Years

You’ll get an mp3 sound file of all 52 sessions. A link to download each session will be emailed to you within hours after each session has ended. Not only are they great to listen to on your commute to work, on a walk, or in the gym in the days following our session, these mp3 sound files will prove to be a tremendous value long into the future (as you will discover later on).

Anyone In The World Can Join This Elite Training Program

As long as you can make it on the phone line at the designated day and time each week, anyone in the world can participate in the program. You’ll have access to a service that will allow you to do so. And, yes, women are more than welcome too.

The POWER (or Weakness) of Your Environment

Who’s company you keep on a consistent basis is already determining where you are going in life. It’s been said that we become the average of the five people we spend most of our time with.

Many men complain to me that they just don’t have people in their life who push themselves as hard as they do. They complain to me that it makes thinking big and attacking their goals even more challenging.

Is that the way you feel?

How inspiring are the people you spend the majority of your time with now?

Don’t you wish you had someone in your life who could really PUSH YOU?

How would you like to hang out with Skip La Cour and a group of other ambitious men every week for 52 straight weeks? Imagine the tremendous impact that would have on your life.

How would you also like to hang out with and learn with a select group of other extremely driven men just like you (who many I will hand-pick from dozens of applicants)?

Here’s your chance to put yourself in an environment that will push you to become your very best. Take it. Step up now.

Highly Effective and Affordable Accountability and Instruction

Your investment in YOURSELF for this yearlong program is much, much more affordable than Skip La Cour’s exclusive one-on-one coaching program. If the cost has been a challenge standing in the way of the help you want, it’s no longer an issue. You’ll get the instruction, motivation, and accountability you need to produce RESULTS.

Your investment is a monthly fee. Your credit card will be billed monthly. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your credit card will NOT be charged until you are officially accepted into one of the classes. Not everyone who signs up for the program can will be accepted.

MANformation Mastermind Group Coaching Program with Skip La Cour Recap:

The classes will be held one night a week for 52 straight weeks.

  • Direct and deliberate topics and themes will be presented each week that will piece together certainty, confidence and unstoppable  momentum for you.
  • Each individual lesson has the ability to create RESULTS all by itself. Each lesson can “stand on its own.” Stacked on top of each other week after week, these sessions will help you become the man you really want to be.
  • Each session will be LIVE. Nothing during this program will be pre-recorded.
  • Classes will be held on the exact same day at the exact same time for 52 weeks in a row.
  • You’ll also get one 30 to 45 minute private one-on-one coaching session with Skip La Cour every single month. You’ll be able to address the challenges that you are currently facing and specific to you. The combination of this kind of personal attention along with the powerful group environment on a weekly basis make this program extremely effective at helping you create the positive change you want in your life.
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world from any time zone can participate.
  • After the lesson each week, students will then get the opportunity to ask Skip a well-prepared question about their own specific challenges in life and get some one-on-one coaching time.
  • Being forced each week to focus on your most-pressing, specific challenge and communicate it to me effectively will force you to step up and get your “money’s worth”.
  • You’ll be provided with the weekly accountability you need to succeed.
  • You’ll put yourself in an environment of other people in addition to myself that will push you to become your very best.
  • You’ll get an mp3 sound file of all 52 sessions.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Your credit card will NOT be charged until you are officially accepted into one of the classes.
  • The class size is extremely limited. You must take action now.

Find Out If One-on-One Coaching Is Right For You With A Personal Phone Call With Skip La Cour

Are you interested in one-on-one coaching with Skip La Cour but you aren’t quite sure it’s a good fit for you?

That’s totally understandable! Unless you’ve had one-on-one coaching in the past or have talked to someone IN DEPTH who’s had a great experience with coaching, it can be a real challenge to appreciate its full power and recognize the positive impact it will have on your life.

You can get all of your questions about coaching answered by talking to Skip La Cour directly on the phone.

Click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute personal phone call and talk to Skip La Cour directly about your current situation, the goals you want to achieve, and the challenges you believe are standing in your way.

Skip works exclusively with men who are the most committed to their success. He’ll gladly take the time to explain all of the benefits and determine if the two of you would be a good match moving forward into such a close, consistent, and intense working relationship.

Email them to Skip La Cour at
All you need to do is fill out the Questionnaire below and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Group Coaching Questionnaire

Congratulations for stepping up and taking action. This is the very first step that you must take to achieve your goals and create the life that you really want.

What do you most want to change today?

Have you tried to change this before?

What have you attempted in the past that didn’t work?

Why do you think it didn’t work?

On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to achieve change today?

What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?

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