Everyone Has Their Limits

My Time On The Big Black Couch

Many dedicated fitness people mistakenly believe that they have an unlimited amount of willpower, focus, energy, and time to be outstanding at whatever they set their mind to doing.

A person’s willingness and ability to invest his or her willpower, focus, energy, and time into accomplishing their fitness goals is exactly what makes that person healthier, more fit, and more knowledgeable about what it takes to do so than the average person.

There are many different levels of success when it comes to fitness.

The more of an investment of their willpower, focus, energy, and time they are willing and able to put into reaching their fitness goals, the better they will become.

The longer time period that they invest their willpower, focus, energy, and time into reaching their fitness goals, the more like they are to really set themselves apart from average people, as well as, those fitness people who are less willing and less able to make the same investment.

Many dedicated fitness people simply can’t understand why “average” people can’t make fitness more of a priority in their lives. It’s odd to them. They often see other people’s lack of discipline when it comes to fitness as nothing more than worthless “excuses.”

A person simply does not have an unlimited amount of willpower.

A person does not have the unlimited ability to focus.

A person does not have an unlimited amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy.

Sure, some people have more willpower, focus, and energy than others. In many cases, some people have much, much more willpower, focus, and energy than others.

But, no matter what any motivational speaker or positive-thinker may preach, a person only has so much.

No matter how powerful a person might be, no one has an endless supply.

And, as far as time goes, no one can dispute that no one on this planet–no matter how powerful, disciplined, and resourceful they might be–has even a second more than 24 hours in their day.

We all must carefully choose how we invest our willpower, focus, energy, and time to create the lives that we really want. It’s a challenge putting together the pieces to this puzzle called life. Sometimes, it’s a really challenging puzzle.

There are many, many things that we can choose to dedicate our lives to being great at.

One quality that will make a person totally committed to their chosen path is when they simply don’t want or expect much more out of life than what they’ve chosen.

Most dedicated fitness people simply don’t have any desire to experience many of the other things in life that other people do. And, even if they do, their desire certainly is not at the same depth or level on intensity as other people who are less committed to fitness.

If fact, they may not even realize nor care about the different depths and levels of intensity of wanting other experiences in life. It’s just not that important to them.

Well, it’s just not important to them at this stage of their lives.

Maybe their views will change over time.

Maybe they won’t.

No matter how certain we feel about the decisions we make about our lives now, we all need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we have no idea how we’ll feel later on about those very same things.

Sometimes, dedicated fitness people don’t understand that’s how some “regular” people in this world view fitness in the grand scheme of their lives.

It’s very odd to them that some people view fitness this way. It’s a concept they have real challenge grasping.

Although it will vary from person to person, we all only have so much willpower, focus, energy, and time in a day. It’s not unlimited. The quality of our lives will come down to where we decide to invest our willpower, focus, energy, and time.

Maybe that person who you think isn’t as committed to fitness as you think he or she should be has been invested a disproportionate amount of their willpower, focus, energy, and time into other areas of their lives like earning an incredible amount of money or creating an amazing family life filled with closeness, love, and connection? Maybe that’s the reason why they enjoy a level of success in those areas of life that you’re currently struggling to figure out how for yourself?

Maybe the reason why they struggle with fitness isn’t because they’re lazy or even lack discipline. Couldn’t it just be how they’ve chosen to allocate those important resources?
How have you chosen to allocate those important resources?

It’s sometimes a challenge for a person to realize just how much willpower, focus, energy, and time that they’ve invested into fitness to experience the success they have earned because they love it so much.

A dedicated fitness person must realize that success and happiness in other areas of life will require just as much of that willpower, focus, energy, and time (if not more) if they are going to succeed there too.

You must never underestimate everything that it took for you to succeed with your fitness efforts at the level you have. If you do, succeeding in other areas of life will seem to be “way too hard” by comparison.

Every other area of life that you “say” you want to improve upon will compete for the space in your brain, the space in your heart, and your time that’s currently allocated and firmly-established in your intense passion for fitness.

The chances are great that, when you first started on your fitness journey, there was very little (if any) competition for your time and the space in your head and your heart. That’s certainly NOT the case now. Fitness is such a high priority for you.

Your fitness lifestyle has become a huge part of your identity– and once something becomes part of a person’s identity, it becomes the most powerful driving force of their minute-to-minute, day-to-day, and week-to-week mindset and actions.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, your powerful identity as a dedicated fitness person is deciding how you will invest your limited amount of willpower, focus, energy, and time.

And, your powerful identity as a dedicated fitness person is deciding where your limited willpower, focus, energy, and time is not going by default–no matter what you tell yourself over and over again on a conscious level.

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